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While looking up design prompts for new projects, I found a brief for a logo redesign for Gimble's Jewelry Emporium.

Client: Gimble’s Jewelry Emporium

Background: This is family-owned jewelry business offers traditional gold and silver pieces as well as precious stones. They have three locations in the suburbs surrounding a large metropolitan area and their customers are mostly upper-middle class women.

Rules: The old logo is black and white and features a diamond and the name of the business underneath. They are looking for something fresh that would look great on their website and in e-mail marketing as well. They want to keep the theme or image of the diamond in the new logo and would love it if the new logo made their business look more like a luxury brand.

After the usual moodboarding & thumbnail sketching, the final logo was made ready for print & web, including its black & white variants. It’s cut into three sections to represent their three locations. The colours are chosen to represent the gold & silver pieces the company distributes. The typeface was also chosen to speak to the upper-middle class.

Tools Used